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We love our dogs.  They fit so perfectly into our family and lifestyle. They are both doing great!  They are both loved
and adored
Tex is learning to sit and stay.  He is really a smart pup for his young age.  Zorra is just awesome.  I have taken her
on a short run.  She loves it!  She also loves herding the goats!!
Thank you for giving them such a wonderful start.

Zorra and Tex lives in California
(Zorra is a Stryker x Arrow Pup and Tex is a Carma x Sandy Puppy)
We absolutely LOVE her.  She is perfect for us.  Our little Lucy fits into our family just perfectly; she's lazy
when we are lazy but ready to go for a run or a hike on a moments notice.  We couldn't be happier!  
Thanks sooooo much!

Lucy lives in Tucson, AZ  (Lucy is a Stryker x Sadie Puppy)
of obedience class at 3 months with flying colors.  She also attends a doggie daycare a few days a week
and the staff tell me she is the most confident well behaved puppy they have seen in a long time.  Thanks
to your family she loves kids and is very good with them.  

She is a product of your hard work and attention to breeding.  We will send more pictures in the future.

Chloe lives in Colorado (Chloe is a JD x Piper Puppy)
I wanted to write you and thank you for the wonderful dog that we adopted from you!  He’s grown into a very
healthy, happy and extremely energetic young dog.  Every day he makes us laugh and we absolutely adore

MAVERICK lives in Arizona (Maverick is a Sandy Puppy)
Hi Jenny,
Yes, Time does fly! Tanner is not a little pup- you are correct. He is a gorgeous big boy- a little taller
than Cooper, and weighs in at 53 lbs. He has a glossy thick coat and very expressive brown eyes. He
still has the cutest face- especially with head cocked when he is wondering about something. He has a
nice mellow personality- unless you put him on a task- then watch out! He is enjoying agility training-
those along on the way. He is VERY smart and enjoys learning and the treats. He and Cooper have
some great wrestling matches- Coop is about 1 pound heavier- and Tanner affords Coop the respect
as his older brother.
They both- as you can see- love our summers in Canada- hiking, kayaking and chasing chipmunks.
He also enjoys swimming and the cold glacier water doesn't bother him.
So, we thank you for the care taken with your pups- after all my indecison, bringing Tanner into our
family has worked out wonderfully,
Congrats on the latest litter!
Tanner live in Chandler, AZ (Arrow x Stryker Puppy)
I just wanted to send you a picture of Beast his name now is Axle and i bought him from you
about a year ago.  I just wanted to let you know hes a great dog and i havent had any problem
with him.  His temperment is great, loves people a little shy around other dogs but warms up
quickly.  Also being around other dogs that constantly bark, he doesnt, he only barks when its
absolutely necessary.  He is a big boy, weighing at 54 lbs and hes right at a year old i think.  
Again great dog. Thank You. Yukon (Arizona)
Yukon is a Sandy x Stryker Puppy
Boris is so wonderful, he is such a great dog!!  

BORIS lives in Buckeye, AZ (Buff and Arrow Puppy)
Thanks again for everything!
Las Vegas, Nevada
(Sandy x Stryker Puppy)
Hi Jenny-
Well Dax had his one year birthday on Monday and he is doing great!  He LOVES to hike, swim,
Frisbee….any physical activity pretty much!  We take him up the Canyon about once a week and
he has a blast, especially at Dog Lake . I thought I would share some pictures with you.  In case
you don’t remember, he was Pedro from last Augusts litter…. He has been an amazing addition to
our family!
Thanks so much!
Dax lives in Utah
(Dax is a Arrow x Wrangler Puppy
Hi Mom Jenny,  
Just a short note on my 5th month in this world.
I am 31 # as of last Wed.  I was 9 # when my mom and dad Tim and Carol picked me up.  So I'm
I just completed my first big car trip from AZ to Wisconsin.  I'm going to be spending the summer on
Big Crooked Lake in
Lac du Flambeau.
Here are a few pictures of me.  Tell my mom and dad I have good genes, and Thank Them.
Oso Poco lives in Tucson, AZ (Oso Poco is a Arrow x Stryker Puppy)
Angel is doing great.  At 12 months and 47 pounds she is growing into a fine dog-- a loving family
member with our children, grandchildren, and playmate with neighborhood dogs and horses.  She is a
huntress of intrusive wildlife (mice, chipmunks, rats, rabbits, and quail who have over-produced).  She is
a worker too- moving hoses, tree branches, etc. as we clean the yard.  She has helped us dig holes to
plant trees and even pulls weeds. In the pictures she is wearing her first professional haircut for her
birthday in June to beat the Arizona heat.  She took it like a champ.  Thanks for producing such a jewel!

Angel lives in Kingman, AZ (Angel is a Sandy x Stryker Puppy)
Hi Jenny,
ago he weighted 21lbs!  We sure love him he’s so smart & loving…Thank you again for have
such GREAT PUPS!!!!!   He is so loved!!!   Him & Sadie are the best of buds!!!!  I’ll send you a few
more pictures as soon as I get them on my computer. Stop by & see him any time.
Chico lives in Gilbert, AZ (Chico is a Piper x JD Puppy)
Proud Owner of Two Mott Ranch Puppies

Here are some pictures of the two of them. They love doggie biscuits and riding in my car. I love them and
cannot imagine my life without them. I wouldn't give them up for the world.

Thank you for everything.

Eli and Noel live in Mississippi (Eli - Red Tri is a Sandy x Stryker Pup and Noel - Red Merle is a Piper x JD
Hi, Jenny: Here are a couple of photos we just took on our morning walk with Cody.
As you can see, he's a beautiful boy. He likes to herd the ducks!

Thanks again for all the breeding and care that went into our great dog!

Cody lives in Washington (Cody is a Sandy x Stryker Puppy)
My husband spoils her rotten.  She should be 40 lbs but she is closer to 46 lbs (thanks to all the treats he
gives her).  Good thing she is active or she would be huge.

Thanks for such a wonderful dog,

Pi lives in AZ  (Pi is a Stryker x Arrow Puppy)

Here are some pictures of Reily.  He is making a great agility dog. Very playful, high driven pup. Such a
smart pup.

Reily lives in AZ  (Reily is a Stryker x Arrow Puppy)
He is doing awesome!  Lots of energy, but he is a good boy.  I absolutely love the breed.  

Dodge lives in AZ  (Dodge is a Stryker x Arrow Puppy)
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