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And this is Syrah (penny) now! She
literally completes our souls, she's
the best thing that has ever
happened to our family. And she's a
-Jaclyn, AZ

Syrah (Penny) is a Cooper x Rogue
2013 Puppy
This is Allie, she came from Ted and Rogue 03/12 litter. She is the sweetest Aussie
we've ever owned and makes friends everywhere she goes. Mott Ranch Aussie
puppies are the best!
Marie, AZ
Here is our very own Mott Ranch, Noah (Prince)! We love this boy. He is
intelligent, well behaved and the most loving baby sitter ever! We are very
happy to have him in our lives!
Gloria and Nancy, FL

Parent Dogs are Spark and Dazzle Born 03/2015
Snickers (Breeze) is such a fun spirited dog but yet so sweet.
50# lap dog and she uses her paws to show affection. Love her!
Ellen, AZ

Parent dogs are Cooper and Storm Born Aug 2014
Val! He is doing very well. We are so thankful for him this holiday season.
Michelle, AZ

Val is a Deuce/ Diamond Feb 2013 Puppy
My 2 Mott Ranch pups Brady right Dazzle left.

Brady is a black tri male. Parents are Cooper and Rogue. Litter 02/2014
Dazzle is a red merle female. Parents are Cheetah and Jimmer. Litter 01/2013
Look at this Beautiful Girl Phoebe you her
Sultry look.....That gorgeous tail!
Jeannette, DVM - AZ

Phoebe is a Duke x Bree Puppy 03/2015
Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet girl Motts Summer Shandy
AKA-Shandelier. Shandy has been an amazing and loved part of our
family. Thank you Jenny
Sara, AZ

Shandy is a Deuce / Diamond - Litter 09/2011
pieces! He is so sweet, handsome, loves to cuddle, and loves loves loves agility. Thank
Mary Jo, AZ

Ansel is a Ted / Piper Litter 08/2012
Here's our Cooper - 1 year old today! He was
formerly Panther from Skittles and Cooper.
He's such a fun, loving dog - we feel lucky to
have him!!
Jessica, CA
We love him so much!
Kaminski Family, AZ

Ronan is a Red Merle Male out of
Bree x Duke's 08/2014 Litter
Hey Jenny. Just wanted to say Drax is 1
Tamara, AZ

Drax is a Red Merle Male out of Bree x
Duke's 08/2014 Litter
Hi Jenny, I can't believe it has been 5 years already.... we love Kibo so much - my
beautiful redhead
Mary Jo, AZ

Kibo is a Arrow x Stryker 2010 Puppy
This handsome boy is 4 month old today! Emrys
graduated puppy school on Sunday (will post pic
And he loves to fetch!
Angela, AZ

Emrys (Blu) is a Blue Merle Male out of Spark and
Cheetah's 12/2014 Litter
Here's an updated photo on Molly (Jan '14 litter) and Grey (Feb '14 litter).
They have been best friends since we brought them home. Thank You
for such amazing Aussies.
- The Begay Family, AZ

Molly is a Storm x Ted Puppy and Grey is a Rogue x Ted Puppy
Four years ago today, Lamia
"Lemmy" Mott was born and 8
weeks later she came to live
with me in Pennsylvania.

I always knew that Aussies were
smartand loyal, but I had no idea
how sensitive and empathetic
they could be. Or maybe it's just
Lemmy? She has been my
constant companion through
good times and bad; she kept
me safe and kept me going
through some really dark times
and I can't imagine life without
her. I could not ask for a better
'best friend'!

Thank you so much for
everything you do. The love and
dedication you have for
Australian Shepherds is so
apparent in your dogs. I feel so
lucky to have found my Little
-Mary, PA