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"Buy a pup and your money will
buy love unflinching."
- Richard Kipling
Black Tri Male Aussie Dog
Hi Jenny-
Well Dax had his one year birthday on Monday and he is doing
great!  He LOVES to hike, swim, Frisbee….any physical activity
pretty much!  We take him up the Canyon about once a week
and he has a blast, especially at Dog Lake . I thought I would
share some pictures with you.  In case you don’t remember, he
was Pedro from last Augusts litter…. He has been an amazing
addition to our family!
Thanks so much!
Brad (Utah)
We have enjoyed her so much!!    
She has private training 1 day per week with her trainer.  She will start her
"Intermediate" class on August 4th.  She is so smart.  She is already
catching frisbes and balls and she can really run.  She enjoyed the cool
weather and running loose all over the woods.  I will keep you updated on
her progress. Thanks so much.
Patti (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Blue Merle Male Aussie Pup
Tri Male Pup">
The puppies are doing really good we love them so much
they are truly a blessing. They are well behaved. They
are potty trained and know all sorts of tricks. We are
going to start them in hearding classes and or agility
training. They are so darn smart a little too smart
sometimes. Well take care and ttyl. Amber duke
Amber (Gilbert, Arizona)
Hi Jenny,
Thought we would pass on some pics- a couple of weeks old- of
Tanner- he is sooooooo cute. Very smart, potty trained, sleeping
through the night, enjoys car rides and the bark park. We brought
Coop out to Sweetwater Ranch for some herding- we had no
intention of involving Tanner except as a  spectator. He somehow
managed to get under the fence and joined in big time. He stuck pretty
close to Cooper but did chase a sheep as it went astray! Quite
exciting for all- very tired, dirty and happy dogs.
We are really happy with him and it gets better all the time,
Thanks, Jill (Chandler, AZ)