We guarantee our puppies on their hips and eyes for 2 years. We do not have a guarantee temperament.
This is because care, upbringing and training is the responsibility of the new owners.
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Health Warranty
Mott Ranch / Blazin' Sun Aussies / Jenny Mott
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Seller agrees to sell, and Buyer agrees to buy the following Australian Shepherd puppy(s) as follows:

Body Color:         Sex:         Litter Name:
Date of Birth:          Sire:         Dam:
Puppy is sold with AKC/ ASCA Pet Non- Breeding papers.
Total Purchase Price of Puppy $
Deposit *NONREFUNDABLE* $200.00        Received date
Balance Due $                                                           Received date

This puppy is the product of two genetically health tested AKC and ASCA registered purebred Australian
Shepherd parents. This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale, to the best of the seller’s
knowledge. If he/she wishes, the buyer has 72 hours, from the date of ownership in which to have the puppy
checked by a licensed veterinarian. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM THAT CANNOT BE RECTIFIED, you may return
the puppy to us, at your expense, within 3 days following the vet exam, along with a veterinarian’s statement
stating the problem. You will receive a full refund of the purchase price of the pup less any shipping fees.
(Exclusion: This does not include the presence of parasites and also does not apply to a health problem
resulting from an injury or accident due to your negligence)

Viral, bacterial colds, kennel cough or infections such as Coccidia or Giardia which are a form of worms are
easily treated and are not covered in the health warranty as they are natural things puppies can pick up. These
are common treatable conditions in puppies & dogs that are raised with outdoor access and I am aware my
puppy could easily contract such an issue on the trip home or at my own residence. This puppy has recently
been de-wormed & the shedding of parasites may still be occurring & is normal after treatment. Healthy
vaccinated puppies are still susceptible to contagious disease, parasites, & protozoa though every effort has
been made to prevent this unfortunate occurrence. Puppies are naturally at risk for coccidia or giardia or
worms which is often brought on by the stress of weaning, a new home, new food, new people, or just a change
in environment. You need to be aware that these things can arise and that they are usually not serious and are
easily treated and we will not cover the treatment for them.

-Please be aware that vet visits and exams and tests cost money. Your first trip to the vet for a full exam might
end up being a few hundred dollars if you decide to test your puppy for worms, coccidia, giardia or anything
else. If by chance your puppy has any parasites & or protozoa then there will be a cost for the medicine as well.
We have the puppies on a strict deworming plan but there is always a chance one of the puppies in the litter
could pick up something. All puppies are seen by our vet for a wellness visit. This visit my vet looks over the
puppies from head to tail. We do not perform any tests on the puppies or test fecal samples, unless there is an
All medical, veterinary bills and expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer once the buyer has picked up
and taken possession of the puppy. Buyers Initials: ________

I agree to be a responsible pet owner & spay/neuter at an appropriate age BEFORE bad behavior develops,
typically between 9 -12 months old. I understand that pounds, shelters, and rescues are full of unwanted,
unhealthy, genetically untested, mixed breed dogs due to irresponsible pet ownership and failure to
I will NOT receive a refund in the event I simply change my mind regarding this purchase, find a cheaper,
lesser quality puppy elsewhere, suddenly develop allergies, or my landlord disagrees with my purchase. Adding
a new puppy to my household can be a 10-15+ year commitment therefore I have invested a considerable
amount of thought into my decision BEFORE making a commitment to purchase. Life changing events can
happen and should I be unable to keep my puppy at any time during his/her life I WILL contact the
breeder/seller for arrangements to return, or gain assistance in re-homing, my puppy and will never forfeit
ownership to a pound, rescue, or shelter.
At no time will the breeder buy back your puppy.
Breeder/seller will not be responsible for injury or accident to puppy, or cost for repair, once he/she leaves
breeder care. In addition, no guarantee will be provided for eye color, ear set, size, or working or train ability.
If these Terms and Conditions are not followed, then the warranty is void and you will not receive another
puppy if your puppy has problems.
This 1 year warranty covers the replacement of the puppy. Warranty covers this puppy to be free of genetic
defects until the puppy reaches one year of age. If this puppy is found to have a genetic defect, it will be
replaced with another puppy from the first compatible litter. Puppy replaced will be of the same like, kind and
quality. No money will be refunded. Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of the replacement puppy. Seller
is NOT responsible for any vet bills at anytime during the life of the puppy/dog. No exceptions. All vets bills and
health testing are the responsibility of the buyer.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to keep the puppy from
unhealthy environments until it has had the full vaccination regimen. All documentation must be provided.  NO
We devote much time, energy, and money to produce the very best puppy possible. We hope you understand
as hard as breeders try to breed without problems, we are dealing with a living, breathing animals.
All puppies are on a strict medical program including NuVet, vaccinations, scheduled deworming, parasite
control, and a high quality dog food.
Terms and Conditions:
1.    BLAZIN’ SUN must be used in the registered name at the beginning.
2.   Puppy must be registered with AKC and ASCA  before 6 months of age.
3.   Puppy sold with Pet/Limited Registration must be spayed or neutered before 12 months old.
      Proof of spay/neuter from a licensed vet must be sent to the breeder.
      (Pet Puppies are sold as pet quality with limited registration papers. They are not to be bred.)
4.   Puppy must be maintained in good physical condition with good muscle tone through proper exercise, diet
and NOT allowed to become overweight or underweight. (A letter from your vet stating that your puppy/dog has
been in good physical condition with good muscle tone will need to be submitted. This is only if a replacement
puppy is needed.)
5. Buyer must submit a written veterinary statement of diagnosis, only if a replacement puppy is needed.
6. Puppy must be on NuVet Plus  Vitamins for the duration of the contract.
To ORDER Call: 800-474-7044 - YOU WILL NEED ORDER CODE #: 62180 OR go to the NuVet site directly
(you must enter        the web address EXACTLY): http://www.nuvet.com/62180

Parvo 5 day Guarantee
No replacement puppy will be given for a puppy that comes down with Parvo after 5 days of leaving the
breeders home. Unless all other puppies in the same litter on breeder's premises also come down with Parvo in
the same time period and does not survive. We will require proof of a positive Parvo test and that puppy did not
recover from the virus from a licensed Vet.  All Veterinary costs are the buyers responsibility. No refunds for a
puppy with Parvo will be made but we will replace said pup with a pup out of our next litter.

We do not guarantee temperament. As upbringing, care and training is in the hands of the new owner. We
recommend attending an obedience class and highly encourage socialization. This breed if not properly
socialized can be like what the breed standard says and be reserved with strangers. If you want your
puppy/dog to like all people and animals you have to socialize your puppy and continue with training and
socializing as they go through their teenage stages.

Buyer agrees that he/she fully understands this contract, and this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state
of Arizona, in the county of Pinal.
I, the purchaser of a puppy from Jenny Mott - Mott Ranch - Blazin’ Sun Aussies, hereby acknowledge that I
have received a copy of this document. Further, I accept the terms and conditions of the warranty printed in this