I have been breeding and raising Australian Shepherds since 2001. But, I have been
around herding breeds my whole life. Growing up in Gilbert on a Farm. I got to enjoy
the many wonderful dogs. Queensland Heelers, Border Collies, Aussies, Rottweilers,
Hunting Dogs and many mixed breeds. I loved them all. But my true love is the
Australian Shepherd. They are truly a intelligent, hard working, loyal family dog. They
are incredibly smart and will and can do anything that you ask them to do.

Growing up I got to do what every little girl dreams of doing, riding horses. I have always
loved the horses and their ability to bond and connect with you. I was able to barrel
race and rope. I strive to breed horses that can excel in the arena. Ones that can go
out and rope, barrel race, perform in cutting or just a great trail horse. My dad and I
raise AQHA horses here in Arizona. We believe that our horses are the total package.

My dad is a farmer still here in Arizona. He grows cotton, alfalfa hay, raises Angus
Cattle and together we raise our AQHA horses.

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