FreeStyles Marlboro Man
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Red Tri Male - Copper & White Points
Blue Eyes, BET - AKC, ASCA - Full-dentition Scissors Bite
Sire: Freestyles Harley Davidson   
Dam: Freestyles Classie Chassis
AKC/ASCA Height: 22" Weight: 55 lbs
HSF4: N/N, MDR1: N/N, CMR1: N/N, DM: N/N CEA: N/N
Too see Ryder's Test Results
Mother to Ryder - Red Tri Female, Blue Eyes, BET
Photo Credit - Vicky
Sire to Ryder - Black Tri Male, Blue Eyes, BET
Photo Credit - Vicky

Below are some of Ryder's past puppies
Freestyle\'s Marlboro Man Freestyles Harley Davidson Jbk Rogue Fairoaks War Pony Fairoaks Tavarak
Fairoaks Allure
Wolfcreek\'s Ragin\' Storm Overlands Clancy At Wolfcreek
Overlands Raggedy Ann
JBK Shiloh of Shurdan Creek Overlands Prepare For Victory ASCA CH Howard\'s Wanagi-Ishna
SRN Eagles Lightng Dos Te work
JBK Rebel Fairoaks War Pony
Wolfcreek\'s Ragin\' Storm
Freestyles Classie Chassis Barn Stars Bet On Me Cool Hand Duke Blue Guns N Red Roses Gambler\'s Bunkhouse Rusty
Mctyeire\'s Gracie Mae
Bet On Me Roo Glory\'s Return of the King
Bet On Me Twist The Mist
Geisha Glass China Doll Kee-Dee\'s Merle Country Preacher Of Mockingbird Hill
Sinnamon And Spice\'s Bird
Richards Chiquita Banana Bb Get\'Er Done Wylee
Bb Silkee Sandie
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