Australian Shepherd Puppies
AKC /ASCA registered - standard size Australian Shepherds.
Parent dogs are DNA tested for breed specific hereditary diseases.
All prices listed are for AKC/ASCA Pet (Non)Breeding Papers
Mott Ranch / Blazin' Sun Aussies / Jenny Mott
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We raise and sell AKC / ASCA Australian Shepherds
18-22" tall to their shoulder & 35-70 lbs.
WE DO NOT SELL Miniature American Shepherds at this time.

Too view what some of our previous puppies looked like Click Here

We have in the past allowed short visits once the puppies are over 7 weeks old.
This is for the health and safety of the puppies.

But with the covid virus going around we are trying to limit the amount of people that are coming over.
So for now we are only allowing people to come out when it's time to pick up your puppy.

If there are puppies still available at 8 weeks old we will allow interested puppy buyers to come over and meet those
puppies by appointment.
We have two lists that interested puppy buyers get on.

The Email Waiting List will be notified that the litter is here after the reserve list has picked out their puppies.
There is no obligation to be on the email waiting list. The email waiting list is not a guarantee of getting a puppy from us.
I will email everyone on the email waiting list at the same time and let you know that the litter is here.
I will also send you a link to my website where the litter is posted with pictures.
The first person to contact me and place a deposit on an available puppy, will get that puppy.

Our reason for breeding any litter is always for something to build on the next generation, and as a result we always have first pick of the litter.
After ourselves, we will go to the reserve list. The reserve list is a guarantee of getting a puppy.
But it is not a guarantee on getting a puppy within a certain time frame or from a certain litter.
A reserve deposit of $200.00 buys you a spot in line for a future puppy of your choice.
The order that I receive the deposits will determine the order of picking out puppies.
Puppies are picked out soon after being born. Usually on day one or two.
Once the first person on the reserve list picks a puppy or chooses to wait for a future puppy, I will go to the next person on the reserve list.
The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the purchase price of your puppy.
If there is not a puppy of the right color or sex, then your deposit is good on any future litter.
I can not control mother nature and I never know what color and sex of puppies we will get until the litter is born.
Some litters have a lot of merles, some have a lot of solid colored puppies and others are half and half.
The reserve deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase of a future puppy
from Mott Ranch - Blazin' Sun Aussies.
Please be certain of your intent to purchase and willingness to wait if needed for the right puppy, as deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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page for additional answers to questions we get asked all the time.
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for a list of the food and supplements
that we are feeding our puppies.

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Too see what some of our past puppies looked like

We also allow puppy buyers to keep their puppies tails long.
Too see what some of our past long tail puppies looked like

All Puppies are POTTY TRAINED to our DOGGIE DOOR when they leave!
They will come with their first puppy shots, microchipped and go home with a puppy pack.

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OLEWO Carrots and Red Beets

All of our dogs and puppies are on these products.
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Mott Ranch is a Reputable Breeder of Australian Shepherds in Arizona
We have been breeding Aussies since 2007
We have many references and puppy buyers all over the United States.
Many of our puppy buyers have Instagram accounts.
Ryder and Nike puppies are HERE!!
AKC/ASCA Registered Litter
9 puppies total - Born 07/27/2020
4 red merle females, 1 red merle male, 1 blue blue merle female,
2 blue merle males, 1 black tri female and 1 red tri male

CLICK HERE to View the puppies in this litter
2 week old pictures are posted!

Puppies are expected to get 20"-22" to the shoulder and weigh between 55-65lbs as an adult.

Planned upcoming litters for summer / fall
Once we confirm these pregnancies by ultrasound we
will then post a due date.

In the hot months of Arizona getting females pregnant can be hard.
There is always a chance that the breeding will not take.

Philly / Spark are expecting!
Due Date - 09/15/2020

Ultrasound was done on 08/12/2020
Ultrasound Tech saw 8 maybe 9 puppies

We have done this cross twice and the puppies have come out amazing.
I have multiple buyers that own one of their puppies and they are on the list to
buy a second one.
colors possible
Blue Merle or Black Tri, Blue Eyed Tri's possible
Litter expected mid Sept. 2020 if the breeding took.

Too see what their past puppies looked like
go to Philly's page and then scroll down. All the puppies on there are
out of Spark and Philly.

Puppies can go to their new homes 8 weeks after being born.

We are planning on some winter litters.
We will post more information once our female dogs come into heat.
We are hoping for some litters to be arriving in Oct-Dec. 2020

Tentative plans for breeding right now.
Pandora x Trigger - this will be an all red litter, red merles and red tri's
Josie x Hooty - all colors possible
Princess x Hooty - all colors possible